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Beets, Flat of Egypt
Beets, Flat of Egypt

Beets, Flat of Egypt

Full Sun
50 Days
90-100 Seeds
Up to 12” tall

Very old heart-shaped Egyptian variety with sweet crimson flesh. Rapid growth and great for storage. Seed from a small organic farm in British Columbia, Canada. 
Companions: Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Mint

Growing Instructions: 

Germinates best at 12-24°C in moist soil.

Plant Spacing : Thin to 2-4” apart. Row Spacing: 12-24” apart.

Fertilize with the ratio of 1-2-2 (N-P-K) a week before seeding. Direct seed at ½” deep as soon as the soil can be worked. For continuous harvests, sow seed at 2-week intervals until 8 weeks before regular heavy frosts are expected.