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Our Story

Hello and welcome to Georgetown’s houseplant store!  My name is Cheryl and I am the founder of Foliage. I have always had a passion for plants of all kinds and I am excited bring this plant jungle to downtown Georgetown. Specializing in tropical houseplants, succulents, cacti and air plants, our goal is to help every customer find the right plant for their space.  Whether you’re a plant addict (like us!) or new to plant parenthood, we will ensure you are comfortable and confident bringing your new plant home. We also offer a curated selection of high-quality clay and ceramic pots, soils, fertilizers, and other items for your plant journey. 
Make sure to check out our services and workshops section to find out more about what is going on at Foliage.
We take pride on our sustainable horticultural and environmental practices. We want to do right by the plants we grow and the world we share. We are dedicated to using biodegradable and recyclable products and packaging wherever possible.
Thank you for visiting Foliage and happy planting!
Cheryl surrounded by plants