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Georgetown's Houseplant Store. Pick up and delivery options available!

Pick Up & Delivery Options

Curbside Pick Up
Curbside pick up is available during normal business hours. We will contact you when your order is ready for pick up.
Order Pick Up Policy
All orders must be picked up within 7 business days from placing the order.  If your order is not picked up within that time frame you will be issued a refund minus a 25% restocking fee.
If you are unable to pick up your order within 7 business days due to circumstances, please contact us by phone or email to make alternative arrangements.
Local Delivery
We offer free delivery for purchases over $75 before taxes, within a 10km radius of the store- 126 Mill Street. If your purchase is under $75, we charge $15 for delivery within our local delivery zone.  If the plant is large, for example a tree, special arrangements will be made and additional charges may be applied.  If you would like this service, please write "Local delivery" in the order notes and choose the Pick Up as the delivery option.
Delivery by Plantrunz
We have proudly partnered with Plantrunz who offers home delivery services from London to Ottawa! Once you place your order, the local delivery option will become available.  Prices are based on location.  HST will be added to delivery fee.
Due to the website limitations, if you are located in Peterborough, Belleville, Trenton, Kingston, Ottawa or Kanata Regions and would like delivery, please write "Delivery by Plantrunz" in the order notes and we will invoice you separately for the delivery costs.
Please see below for the full list of postal codes Plantrunz delivers and the pricing details.
We do not offer Ontario-wide or Canada-wide shipping at this time. Thank you for your understanding.
Plantrunz Delivery Information
*If plants are in a 10 inch pot and are over 4 feet tall and additional $5 per plant will be applied
* Added charges will be added to plant orders over 3 plants in total at $3 per plant.

Halton Region - $17.50 + HST
L6H*, L6J*, L6K*, L6L*, L6M*, L7L*, L7M*, L7N*, L7P*, L7R*, L7S*, L7T*, L9E*, L9T*, L7G*, L7J*
Peel Region - $22.50 + HST

L4T*, L4V*, L4W*, L4X*, L4Y*, L4Z*, L5A*, L5B*, L5C*, L5E*, L5G*, L5H*, L5J*, L5K*, L5L*, L5M*, L5N*, L5R*, L5S*, L5T*, L5V*, L5W*, M7R*, L4T*, L6P*, L6R*, L6S*, L6T*, L6V*, L6W*, L6X*, L6Y*, L6Z*, L7A*
Metropolitan Toronto Area = $22.50 + HST
M1A*, M2A*, M3A*, M4A*, M5A*, M6A*, M7A*, M8A*, M9A*, M1B*, M2B*, M3B*, M4B*, M5B*, M6B*, M7B*, M8B*, M9B*, M1C*, M2C*, M3C*, M4C*, M5C*, M6C*, M7C*, M8C*, M9C*, M1E*, M2E*, M3E*, M4E*, M5E*, M6E*, M7E*, M8E*, M9E*, M1G*, M2G*, M3G*, M4G*, M5G*, M6G*, M7G*, M8G*, M9G*, M1H*, M2H*, M3H*, M4H*, M5H*, M6H*, M7H*, M8H*, M9H*, M1J*, M2J*, M3J*, M4J*, M5J*, M6J*, M7J*, M8J*, M9J*, M1K*, M2K*, M3K*, M4K*, M5K*, M6K*, M7K*, M8K*, M9K*, M1L*, M2L*, M3L*, M4L*, M5L*, M6L*, M7L*, M8L*, M9L*, M1M*, M2M*, M3M*, M4M*, M5M*, M6M*, M7M*, M8M*, M9M*, M1N*, M2N*, M3N*, M4N*, M5N*, M6N*, M7N*, M8N*, M9N*, M1P*, M2P*, M3P*, M4P*, M5P*, M6P*, M7P*, M8P*, M9P*, M1R*, M2R*, M3R*, M4R*, M5R*, M6R*, M7R*, M8R*, M9R*, M1S*, M2S*, M3S*, M4S*, M5S*, M6S*, M7S*, M8S*, M9S*, M1T*, M2T*, M3T*, M4T*, M5T*, M6T*, M7T*, M8T*, M9T*, M1V*, M2V*, M3V*, M4V*, M5V*, M6V*, M7V*, M8V*, M9V*, M1W*, M2W*, M3W*, M4W*, M5W*, M6W*, M7W*, M8W*, M9W*, M1X*, M2X*, M3X*, M4X*, M5X*, M6X*, M7X*, M8X*, M9X*, M1Y*, M2Y*, M3Y*, M4Y*, M5Y*, M6Y*, M7Y*, M8Y*, M9Y*, M1Z*, M2Z*, M3Z*, M4Z*, M5Z*, M6Z*, M7Z*, M8Z*, M9Z*
York Region - $25.00 + HST
L3P*, L3R*, L6G*, L6A*, L3L*, L4H*, L4L*, L3T*, L4J*, L4A*, L3P*, L3T*, L4B*, L4C*, L4E*, L4S*, L3P*, L3R*, L3S*, L6B*, L6C*, L6E*, L6G*, L6A*, L7B*, L9N*, L4G*, L4K*, L0H*, L4A*
Durham Region -$25.00 + HST
L1C*, L1E*, L1V*, L1W*, L1X*, L1Y*, L1G*, L1H*, L1J*, L1K*, L1L*, L9P*, L1Y*, L0H*, 1H0*, L1M*, L1N*, L1P*, L1R*, L0C*
L1B*, L1C*, L1E*, L1B*, L9L*, L0B*
Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph Region - $27.50 + HST
​​N1R*​,​ N1T*​,​ N3B*​,​ N3C*​,​ N3E*​,​ N1P*​,​ N1S*​,​ N3H*​,​ N2G​*,​ N2A*​,​ N2K*​,​ N2H*​,​ N2​​B*​,​ N2M*​,​ N2R*​,​ N2C*​,​ N2P*​,​ N2E​*,​ N2N*​,​ N2V*​,​ N2L*​,​ N2J*​,​ N2T*​,​ N1G*​,​ N1L*​,​ N1E*​,​ N1H*​,​ N1C*​,​ N1K*​,​ N0B*​,  N0P​*,​ N8A*​
Hamilton Area - $25 + HST
​​L1A*​,​ L8B​*,​ L8P*​,​ L8E*​,​ L8H*​,​ L8J*​,​ L8K*​,​ L8L*​,​ L8M​*,​ L8N*​,​ L8R*​,​ L9C*​,​ L8S*​,​ L8T*​,​ L8V*​,​ L8W*​,​ L9A*​,​ L9B*​,​ L8G​*,​ L3M*​,​ L9J*​,​ L9X*​,​ L9G*, L9H*, L9K*​,​ L0R*
Peterborough, Colborne, Cobourg - $30.00 + HST
​K0L​*​​,​ K8R*​,​ K8N*​,​ K8P*​,​ K8V*​,​ K9V*, K9A​*,​ K0K*, K9H*, K9J*, K9K*, K9L*
Barrie & Collingwood Region - $32.50 + HST
​​L0L*​,​ L4M*​,​ L0M*​,​ L9S*​,​ L9J*​,​ L4P*​,​ L9V*​,​ L9W*​,​ L3Z*, L3V*​,​ L4N*​,​ L0N*​,​ L9S*​,​ L9R*
St. Catharines & Niagara Region - $30 + HST
L2E*​,​ L2H*​,​ L3B​*, L3C*​,​ L3K*​,​ L0R*​,​ L0S​*,​ N0A*​,​ L2R*​,​ L2P*​,​ L2M*​,​ L2N​*,​ L2T*​,​ L2V*​,​ L2S*​,​ L2W*​,​ N3P*, N3R*, N3S*, N3T*, N3V*​,​ N3L*
London & Woodstock Region - $32.50 + HST
N6E*​,​ N6P*​,​ N6N*​,​ N6M*​,​ N6L*​,​ N6K*​,​ N6J*​,​ N6G*​,​ N5V*​,​ N5Z*​,​ N5Y*​,​ N5X*​,​ N5P*​,​ N5R*​,​ N6B*​,​ N5W*​,​ N6A*​,​ N6C*​,​ N6H*​,​ N4G*​,​ N4S*​,​ N4T*​,​ N4V*​,​ K1E*​,​ K4A*​,​ N5H*​,​ N4Z*​,​ N5A*​,​ N0B*
Kingston - $35.00 + HST
K7K*, K7L*, K7M*, K7P*, K7N*
Ottawa & Kanata Regions - $37.50 + HST
K1A*, K2A*, K4A*, K1B*, K2B*, K4B*, K1C*, K2C*, K4C*, K1E*, K2E*, K1G*, K2G*, K1H*, K2H*, K1J*, K2J*, K1K*, K2K*, K1L*, K2L*, K1M*, K2M*, K4M*, K1N*, K7S*, K2S*, K0G*, K7H*, K7C*, K2T*, K7A*, K1Y*, K1R*, K1W*, K0A*, K0G*, K6V*, K7G*, K7R*, K6H*, K6J*, K6K*, K2V*

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