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Lifetime Plant Support

New to plant parenthood? Rest assured we are always here for you in your plant journey! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any planty questions or concerns you may have. Plant care information is also available on our website. Please email us with any questions regarding your plant's care. Lifetime plant support is available for any plant purchased at our store. 

Things to consider when buying a new plant

1) Choose a plant that suits the space you want it for.  Most plant care routines can be easily adjusted (watering, humidity), except for lighting.  Lighting is extremely important for a plant to live to it's full potential.

2) Plants are living things and perishable.  Just like any living thing, they require the right care and environment to thrive.

3) We are happy to provide best care tips for your new plant, but these are just guidelines.  Watering and care routine will depend on the temperature, humidity, air circulation, and light in your space.

4) We work hard to choose the healthiest plants for our store. We guarantee that our plants are in healthy condition and free of visible pests at the time of sale.  That being said, some pests are exceptional hiders, so we recommend isolating your new plant away from other plants for at least 21 days. Although, we are constantly cleaning and inspecting our plants in store, some pests can remain hidden for quite a while.  Giving your new plant a bit of space when you first bring it home is a great way to keep all your plants safe and to catch any pest issues before they become a serious problem.

5) Do not place your new plant near vents that blast hot or cold air.  Most plants prefer a consistent room temperature.  Some plants are more sensitive to temperature changes than others.

If you notice any signs of distress, please contact us right away so we can help.

Plant by window in sunlight