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Potting Services

We would be happy to put together your newly purchased plant and pot.  Or perhaps you have a plant at home that needs repotting? It could be a plant purchased from Foliage or elsewhere.  Please contact us to make arrangements for your plant to be repotted in store.  See the pricing details below.
We’ll move your plant to its new home with a custom soil that your plant will love.  We'll also clean the foliage, inspect, and prune if necessary.  Price depends on individual plant and includes soil materials and service.  Planter not included.

Small plants 2" - 4"

$5-$15 + tax

Medium plants 5" - 8"

$15-$40 + tax

Large plants 9"-10"

$40-$60 + tax

For plants larger than 10" please contact the store to make special arrangements

Plants may experience transplant shock and stress after they are moved to a larger pot.  They should recover within 14 days. Your plant may require a little more observation and TLC during this time.  Please reach out if you have any concerns regarding your plant.  Due to the sensitive nature of plants, Foliage is not responsible for any loss of plant life.

Succulents and soil