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Watermelon Sweet Siberian
Watermelon Sweet Siberian

Watermelon Sweet Siberian

Full Sun
 80 Days
Approx. 20 Seeds
Up to 6-12" tall


An old watermelon variety originating in Russia. Produces an abundant harvest of dark green, oblong shaped 9-10 lb fruit that have apricot-coloured flesh and are extremely sweet and juicy.


Companions: Corn, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Radishes


Growing Instructions:

Germinates best in 21°C in soil with moderate moisture. 

Plant Spacing : 2-3' apart. Row Spacing: 5-6' apart.

Transplant: Sow seed ½ inch deep indoors 4 weeks before planting date. Air temperature for healthy seedling growth is 24°C. Harden off plants by reducing temperatures and water. Plant outdoors when all danger of frost has passed. Direct Seed: 1 week after risk of frost has passed.