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Tomato Merville Rocket
Tomato Merville Rocket

Tomato Merville Rocket

Full Sun
 60 Days
Approx. 25 Seeds
Up to 4' tall


A uncommon variety developed in British Columbia. An early, prolific producer of 3-4 oz round, sweet, tart fruit and a bush habit (determinant).


Companions: Basil, Carrots, Borage


Growing Instructions:

Germinates best between 24-29°C in soil with moderate moisture. 

Plant Spacing : 2-3' apart. Row Spacing: 4-6' apart.

Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow ¼ inch deep. At first true leaf, pot-up to 4 inch pots. Grow at a constant 16–21°C. Harden off before transplanting. Water seedlings with a high-phosphate solution at planting to boost early yields. Determinate varieties often do not require pruning or trellising and will set all fruit at once.